The Quarantine Tapes

The Quarantine Tapes 029: Amanda Vincelli

Episode Summary

Artist, cultural programmer and community organizer, Amanda Vincelli joins Paul Holdengräber today on The Quarantine Tapes.

Episode Notes

Amanda Vincelli is co-founder and Program Director of Navel, a LA based nonprofit designed to foster collectivity and kinship through accessible public cultural programming, collaborative learning initiatives, and residency programs. 

In this episode, Vincelli and Holdengräber talk about the fundamentals of Navel as a non-profit organization, and how important physical space is to the mission and vision of Navel; through assemblies, events, workshops and artists residencies. 

Since the start of the pandemic, Vincelli and the team at Navel have been re-assessing how to connect within these online spaces, with concerns about surveillance and corporate ownership. Vincelli wonders how we can maintain an autonomous relationship to our cultural landscapes in these  online environments.